Your Start-Up could make no mistakes but learn from them!

Now you can concentrate your focus and ressources on product and operations, while knowing all your sales and marketing needs are expertly taken care of from the get go.

Together we build your inhouse sales-team matching your company culture following best industry practises while reaping the benefits of an immediately functioning sales machine and real data it provides.

Who are our Customers?

You are an US Technology Companie

You want to ramp-up your EMEA presence fast and cost effectiv.

You are a Technology Start-up

You are concerned with building a sales-team while need fast sales to proof of product market fit.

You are a German “Mittelständler”

You are looking to increase international Sales of your complex product or service.

5 Reasons to work with us

Time efficient

We deliver skilled resources that would take years to hire and ramp up.

Cost efficiency

Invest only in activities that have proven and direct results.

Accelerate results

Gain instant intelligence through metrics and revenue driving your bottom-line.

Complex skills

Highly sophisticated Sales processes demand specialists.

Knowledge transfer

Tap into a wealth of best practices and processes and methodologies, that have been responsible for the success of high growth tech start-ups and industry leaders alike.

We expertly focus on crucial spots to increase pipeline value fast and substantially!

Our Sales & Marketing Services


Reduce Risk through Sales Ressource Elasticity , Improve Sales Cost Efficiency , Reduce time to Sales Productivity

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